Saturday 28 May 2017

19:00 | Intellectual Center of Diakopto

Giannis Spiropoulos, «I spread darkness to find light».

The local community honours this great painter, recalls his life and his childhood at Diakopto, along with his first art creations locally. Dialogs and Presentations:

«Giannis Spiropoulos: from the study and interpretation of the physical world at Diakopto, to the world’s ascension into the universal destination of the Art». Presents Christos Failadis, International Relations Specialist – Communications Consultant.

«Giannis Spiropoulos, a classic of the abstract». Presents Dr. Giannis Papaioannou, Architect, representative of the Institution Giannis and Zoi Spiropoulou.

Giannis Spiropoulos, Bridge at Odontotos: